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Pink Dresses

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Pink Dresses for Women

Pink is the most feminine color in the entire spectrum of tints that exist in the world. Hence, pink dresses are just as perfectly made for women as the sun is made for the morning. Pink dresses for women are a selection of nature; there is nothing a man can do to abort this association. Since eons, women have been obsessed with this color. From little girls who grow up with pink Barbie doll houses to adult women who confidently pull off pink in their day-to-day attire, pink dresses can never go out of fashion in a woman’s world.

The color pink is all about being cute, chirpy, bubbly, nice and sweet like a cotton candy! Some opinion leaders in the fashion world also state that women who wear pink dresses are hard to take seriously. However, the contemporary woman defies that notion. Women do not associate themselves with a single color but their love for pink is a trait they are born with.
The color pink is also strongly associated with the feeling of compassion and openness. Therefore, pink dresses are ideal for days when you are looking for a clean confrontation. If you want someone to confide their secrets in you, psychologically trick them into opening up in front of you by wearing a pink dress!

Cute Pink Dresses

Spiritual healers believe that the color pink plays a vital role in the opening of the heart chakra and thus, urge people to surround themselves with this color in order to connect with themselves openly as well as their environment.

New Fashion Icon is all about making clothes that are relatable to the masses. And hence, pink dresses play a vital role in connecting our hearts with our loved ones. Has your mind figured out where it wants you to wear a pink dress to? Listen to your mind and shop now!

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