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Gold Dresses

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Gold Dresses for Women

The color gold is born from the marriage between yellow and brown and is thus, associated with courage, compassion, positivity and light. Being born as a precious metal, gold is heavily associated with luxury, grandeur, sparkle, glamour and the likes.

Gold dresses reflect the same properties from the color. These dresses are not typically worn during daily hustles but are rather preserved for special days. Gold dresses for women often carry an emotional value. These dresses are meant for special occasions such as marriage (especially in the eastern world), achievement, victory and accomplishment.

Despite the fact that gold dresses are not a part of a woman’s daily wardrobe, this color is highly associated in luring other people into astonishment. Women generally buy gold dresses to impress their better halves or make a sparkling impression on someone they love. Gold dresses are ideal for grabbing attention. For events where you feel like you need to stand out and make a mark of your personality, a gold dress coupled with delicate jewelry will raise the bar of elegance in the crowd.

Unique Gold Dresses

It is not hard to forget someone who was wearing a gold dress. Thus, becoming all the more important in making people remember who you are and influence their thoughts with your persona. Sometimes, the clothes you wear need to speak for you. And gold dresses are precisely that range of clothes that scream on behalf of a woman. You may look calm, chirpy and happy on the outside but with a gold dress on, your personality will be illuminating the room by itself.

All gold dresses at New Fashion Icon are delicately designed to not cross the barrier of being cheap and disturbingly bright. Hues of every single dress are chosen keeping in mind the elegance, class and charisma a woman would want to exhibit when wearing a gold dress! So don’t shy away but shine away! Shop now.

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